Avocados – Add Some Nutrition With This Superfood

Avocados – Add Some Nutrition With This Superfood

Avocados  are not just for salads, they can add some interest and nutrition to so many dishes. Really, I consider them a superfood, because they are highly nutritious. Let me explain.

Avocado Nutrition

Unless grown on deficient soil, the fruit contains about 20 minerals and and vitamins. The fat contained is a healthy fat. And there are all 18 essential amino acids along with some fiber, providing a food that is easy to digest plus healthy for you.

How To Select Avocados

Let’s use Haas Avocados as an example, as they are readily available year round and easy to recognize. If possible, choose organic – they don’t use herbicides and pesticides that can get into your system, accumulate and make you sick.

You must choose your ripeness – If you are using them right away, choose ones that with a gentle squeeze, indent inward just slightly, but don’t feel mushy. The skin looks almost black when they are ripe.

If you plan on using them in the future, then choose ones that will ripen in a few days. These look greener.

Don’t buy them if they have blemishes. This could be problem areas as they ripen.


I sometimes store unripe ones in my vegetable drawer and they ripen slowly. I pull them out a couple days ahead of when I want to use them if they are green and set them on the cupboard to ripen.

You can also place them in a closed paper bag with an apple for a few days, to ripen. The Apple gives off ethylene gas, which is a ripening agent.

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