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Simple Salsa Deviled Egg Snack

Simple Salsa Deviled Egg Snack Decide how many egg servings for each person to make and for each serving you will need: 1 hard-boiled egg 1 Tbsp salsa 1 tsp chopped parsley Instructions Cut the hard-boiled eggs in half and remove the yolks Read more [...]

Almond Cream Cheese Stuffed Olives

 Almond Cream Cheese Stuffed Olives When looking for a snack that will please your family or a group, take a look at this one. If they like Olives, this one should do well. 12 very large green olives, pitted 1/2 Cup  cream cheese, softened 12 Read more [...]

Easy Broccoli Soup

Easy Broccoli Soup When you want an easy but delicious soup, choose Broccoli Soup. In this Video you will see how to make it and add in Goat Cheese for more flavor. Be sure to see how much eye appeal it has when arranged in the bowl.   Read more [...]

Yummy Plum Pie

Yummy Plum Pie  Use the bountiful summer fruits such as plums to make a yummy pie.  This fruit pie will be a treat for your family.  What You Need:  2 T lemon juice  4 C purple plums, sliced  3/4 C sugar  2 T quick cooking tapioca  1/2 Read more [...]

Mini Meatloaf Recipe

Mini Meatloaf Recipe This recipe is a make ahead recipe. You make the mini meatloaves in a muffin pan and put them  in the freezer. Then pull out and warm up when you need a quick meal, without all the preparation time of making them from scratch. What Read more [...]

Quick Macadamia Chicken

Quick Macadamia Chicken Chicken Breasts do not have to taste the same every time you serve them. Use this recipe which includes a twist - Dill and Macadamia nuts, for something different. Ingredients: 1 Garlic clove, pressed 4 Chicken breasts, Read more [...]

Asparagus Omelet

Asparagus Omelet Ready for an Omelet that wakes up the taste buds? Try this one. Ingredients:  Eggs, asparagus, butter, ham, herbs, cheese. Blanch a dozen heads of asparagus and cook them slightly, then cut them up and mix with two ounces of Read more [...]