Chef’s Choice 130 Professional Knife-Sharpening Station, Platinum

Chef’s Choice 130 Professional Knife-Sharpening Station Review

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3 Phase Knife Sharpening Station

This Knife-Sharpening Station comes with an advanced technology in sharpening.  The 130, offers you three phase sharpening options You can sharpen most brands or types of knives, like straight edge or serrated, kitchen, sports and pocket knives. This process can sharpen your knife better than the ones right from the factory.

In stage 1, the diamond abrasives sharpen the edge.

In stage 2, super-hardened miniature steel, develops a shaving sharp edge with ultra-sharp microscopic teeth, providing a superior edge.

In stage 3,  Finally, an innovative flexible stropping disk polishes the edge, becoming hair-splitting sharp.

All these stages can be combined differently so that you can obtain a custom edge, suited for a specific task. The Chef’s Choice 130 Professional Knife-Sharpening Station is a built-in, high-precision tool with user friendly elastomeric angle guides, which guarantees you a qualitative sharpening.


  • Electric knife sharpener with 100-percent diamond abrasive
  • Three phase sharpening
  • Sharpens, steels, and strops most brands and types of knives
  • Super-hardened miniature steel
  • Flexible stropping disk
  • Angle-guides for foolproof sharpening
  • Built in safety features
  • Efficient, quick, and easy to use.
  • On/off switch
  • Stabilizing feet
  • Measures 10 by 10 by 4 inches
  • 3-year limited

More Info

Product Dimensions are 12 x 6 x 6.2 inches
Weight is  4.8 pounds
Item model number: 0130506

Benefits Of The Professional Sharpening Station Innovative Technology

This sharpening station gives professional sharpening, steeling and stropping capabilities. It functions as a 3 phase sharpener for an optimal edge sharpness and durability whether in the home or professional sharpening shop.

In the first stage diamond abrasives are used to sharpen the edge and after this, in stage 2 a super-hardened miniature steel is adding minuscule serrations to the knife. Finally, stage 3 the knife is stropped and polished for hair splitting sharpness. These stages can be used all together or separately as needed.  All this is happening in only 1 minute, making the machine efficient and easy to use.

Knife Compatibility

The Chef’s Choice 130 Professional Knife-Sharpening Station is good for all types of knives. From the 20” class like traditional euro/American cutlery, straight edge and serrated knives, Asian style (creating 20° edge), kitchen knives, various sporting and pocket knives, this will be compatible.


You will find that this is available in White or in Platinum color when you take a look at the order page.


This is rated at 4.5 stars average out of 5 stars, so that is quite good.

Customers who have used the Chef’s Choice 130 Professional Knife-Sharpening Station are generally satisfied with the product and its functionality. People have stated that the blades are cutting edge sharp after using the sharpening station, making it a really great tool to have around the house or business.

The product is recommended also by professional chefs, who are satisfied with the results of the three stages of sharpening.This unit meets everybody’s needs and desires.

No more hand sharpening which can take hours.  A knife can be put through all stages within a minute, even if they are quite dull. Sharpens a knife sharper than when first bought.  Many find knives remain super sharp even with constant use for a month or so.

Cons:  reading the sharpening manual is a must to become acquainted with efficiency of the knife-Sharpening station.  Manual is small print.

Where To Buy Chef’s Choice 130 Professional Knife-Sharpening Station

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You know how much a sharp knife means when you are cooking in the kitchen. When you want a knife sharpener that can get your knife very sharp in a short time and it stays sharp for a while, then consider the Chef’s Choice 130 Knife Sharpening Station.

I suggest that you take a look at it at, as they are competitive in pricing. You will find it on sale with free super saver shipping. Check it out here.

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