Cuisinart CSO-300 Combo Steam/Convection Oven, Silver

Cuisinart CSO-300 Combo Steam/Convection Oven In Silver

The Cuisinart CSO-300 Combo Steam/Convection Oven, Silver is a counter top oven that functions like a professional steam oven as well as a convection oven.

Steam cuts down on the cooking time. So with this unit, you could expect about 40% less cooking time. The cut in cooking time is a real plus in the kitchen for the busy person, or if you have a lot of baking and cooking to do.


  • 120 minutes of steady, uninterrupted steam
  • Specialized bread proofing technology; bakes and proofs bread better and faster
  • Unique Steam Bake and Steam Broil functions as well as standard functions of a traditional countertop toaster oven
  • Accommodates a whole 4-1/2 pound chicken or a 12-inch pizza; reheats foods without drying them out
  • Includes 47-ounce removable water reservoir, wire rack, baking pan, broiling rack, crumb tray, and drip tray
  • ASIN: B00E6ZK8BQ
  • Item model number: CSO-300
  • Limited 3-year warranty

Steam Oven

As stated above, using steam, it will cut down on your cooking time by about 40%. It will run up to 120 minutes.

So you will be able to poach or steam things like vegetables, poultry, fish or rice. With the rice, it can steam the rice, making it fluffy in about 25 minutes.

Steaming allows you to proof the breads and donuts more quickly. Streaming is something a baker showed me when I used to teach bread making classes. It gives you the kind of results you would expect from a bakery.

Bake And Broil Function

You can also bake or broil using this oven. So it is good for all your standard cooking that you might want to do.

You could use steam in combination with your baking, to create both browned but juicy roasts and meats.

Toaster Oven

You will be able to choose one of 7 shades for how dark you want things toasted.

A total of 9 Settings

There is a single dial with LCD display that will give you the ability to choose from 9 single and combination functions.

Preset settings: toast, convection bake (125-450˚F), bake steam (225–450˚F), broil (300–500˚F), steam (100–210˚F), super steam (125-400˚F), broil steam (300–500˚F), bread (125–450˚F), and warm (125-300˚F).

Simply turn a single dial for LCD display cooking function and to change preset temperatures and cooking times.

Special settings allow you to proof breads, rolls – even homemade pretzels and donuts. Bake them faster, with bakery-quality results.

Pros and Cons

Pros – Easy to use, efficient and cuts down on your cooking time. It is of a size that it can sit on your kitchen counter top all of the time.

Cons – The only negative I can see so far, is the 120 minute cut off time might limit you in some way.

Buy Cuisinart CSO-300 Combo Steam/Convection Oven

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