Turkey Avocado Sandwich

Turkey and Avocado Sandwich

So today, here is a recipe for a tasty sandwich. If you are vegetarian, skip the Turkey and just use the Avocado and Salsa. Amounts can be adjusted to your preference.

2 slices of Bread

1/2 Hass avocado, peeled/fruit scooped out and chopped

1 or 2 Tbsp. salsa ( start with 1 Tbsp.)

3 (6 by 11/2-inch) strips roasted red pepper

If you eat meat – About 1/4 lb. of thinly sliced turkey or a ground turkey patty (lunch meat will be less healthy than organic turkey or organic ground turkey).

2 thin red onion slices, separated into rings (more or less)

A tiny bit of Sea salt if you wish

Cheese of your choice in thin slices

2 romaine lettuce leaves


Mash 1/2 avocado and mix with salsa; spread over the top and bottom slice of the bread, on one side. Avocado side up on bottom slice, lay your Turkey down next ( if you eat meat). Layer pepper strips, onions, and cheese over that. Add the lettuce on top.

Then put your top slice of bread on top the lettuce, with the avocado mixture facing downward. Cut from corner to corner.

If it is a tall sandwich, you may want to put a toothpick through the two halves to keep the top bread from sliding off.

And if you are cutting back on calories, just use less of the ingredients and one slice of bread, making it an open faced sandwich. Enjoy!