Under Sink Storage Shelf

Under Sink Storage Shelf

Another annoying area that can easily be organized is under the kitchen sink. You just need an expandable shelf  to work around the garbage disposal. Take a look at this one:

It will fit under your kitchen sink or your bathroom sink. and as you see it can be worked up
so that the pipes can be worked with.
There are hooks to hang towels if you wish.
There are twelve snap on plastic grids/ribs that make open bins. There are the four telescopic tubes that are made of anodized aluminum and the shelves are adjustable.
You won’t need tools to assemble this.
Other Info

  • Shipping Weight: 4 pounds
  • ASIN: B001MVN9XG

You can buy it here:

Under Sink Storage Shelf- Large Expandable, Goes Around Drainpipes. For Kitchen or Bathroom